Every customer is different. We have something for everyone.


Personal Branding Video

Complete do-if-for-you service. A storytelling-style video that helps you make an emotional connection with your audience. We highlight YOU, the person behind the product, service, or company.


Product-centric video that shows your customers what your product, service, or company is about, its unique features and benefits, and why they should buy from you.




Short video featuring your employees, customers, or biggest fans telling the world why they love your product, service, or company so much!



Scripting & content writing for your video needs, even if we don’t make the video for you.


Give us your raw footage and we’ll turn it into a beautiful, professional-grade video complete with video editing, sound editing, color correction, background score, graphics, and branding.
*Pricing based on an hourly rate.



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Some call it Jedi Mind Tricks, we call it a whole lot of Empathy. We’ve always possessed an uncanny ability to make people comfortable around us, and we use that to tease out information that helps us form your narrative.

Building a Story:

Our patent-pending formula aims to celebrate and humanize the person behind the product. We build a story that allows you to be vulnerable, create an emotional connection with your audience, and show the world why you’re worth betting on.

Video Production:

We handle every aspect of production - scripting, storyboarding, filming, editing. The end result is a beautiful video you can use to promote your personal brand and your product, service, or company.


We get it, not everyone feels natural and comfortable in front of a camera. We coach you on delivery and build your confidence so you can truly be the star of your own video.