In June 2016, cofounders Pavi and Nammy, became unemployed and decided to tell the world about it through a YouTube channel called The 9to5 MisFits. They realized the power of storytelling and personal branding through video, which ultimately led them to create their own 2-woman Video Marketing company, MisFit Communications.



I am a vegetarian, animal-loving, pole dancing, Dubai-bred, Chemical Engineer and Video Producer who's all about highlighting the best in people. Getting laid off from my Oil & Gas engineering job led to a lot of growth & rebranding. I joined forces with my best friend and certified MisFit, Nammy to create a YT Channel, The 9to5 MisFits to talk about the importance of developing a personal brand when you don't fit the mould, which ultimately led me to starting my own Video Marketing company, MisFit Communications, in Austin, TX. I'm a self-taught video editing nerd and I can’t wait to make people a kickass video that’ll bring their story to life.



Born in Mumbai, I’m a part-time dancer, full-time foodie, and Video Content Writer on a never-ending quest for self-improvement. In 2014, I watched a TED talk that said, “most people are doing their jobs out of fear”. It struck a chord. So I quit my comfortable but uninspiring job to find my professional purpose. As an avid reader, I loved how words could make such an impact, especially when delivered in the right way. So, I co-created a YT Channel called The 9to5 MisFits focussing on the power of storytelling to inspire, & edutain. I now co-own MisFit Communications where I make videos to tap into people's superpower and help them communicate it to the world!